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Admiral Markets Pty Ltd

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Admiral Markets UK Ltd

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Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd

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Trading Camp

Trading Camp is a 4-week course that prepares anyone to face real
market conditions!
Get educated by trading on a free demo account.
Learn more

1 Introduction

Learn from the ground up start by learning the structure & function of the FX market its terminology & other concepts

2 Fundamentals

Analytics & Forex calendar, 1-on-1 coaching, 30 trades

3 Practice

Strategy for your personality, 3 weeks review, 45 more trades

4 Live trading

Preparing mentally, first live trade

Admiral Markets

About Trading Camp

Becoming a Forex Trader is difficult. You can fill in the form below and learn in Trading Camp! Trading Camp is an online 4 weeks course specifically created to prepare rookie traders for live market conditions! Enrol yourself today and each day for the next 4 weeks you will be gradually prepared to face the real market. Sign up today and take your first step towards becoming a Forex Trader!

Sign Up right now and receive:

  • • Forex Literature
  • • Forex Strategies
  • • Personal Forex Coaching

To enrol, fill in the application form below and type a short essay on where you see yourself after 1 year of trading.

Learn and Master the MetaTrader 4 Platform

MetaTrader is the most popular trading software in the world for a reason: it is the best. It offers tons of great features for both: forex rookies and professionals. Our MT Guide will give you a comprehensive knowledge base on how to use the platform to your advantage.

Three price action strategies

You will not become a successful trader overnight. Becoming a successful trader requires constant revision of your trades and understanding of why some trades worked and others didn’t. To analyse your trades, we will make use of to allow for ease of trade recording.

Make up to 15 trades applying various trading strategies

The strategies provided will be based around pure price action and confluence – this is what professional traders tend to focus their strategies on, and so we want you to learn to trade like the pros.

Talk to our experts

Enjoy one to one contact with one of our analysts – David Belle or Darren Sinden

Receive advanced additions to your Strategies

Your first week’s strategies is a great base and in the following weeks we will build on this foundation adding new elements to your trading arsenal.

Learn how to use analytics & forex calendar

In forex every little thing matters but there is no way anyone could follow all the little things. We will teach you which information is important and why. You will be able to work with relevant analysis and apply it specifically to your trading.

Participate in two 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Each camper will receive a personal mentor who will make sure you are 100% focused on the program and moving to the right direction. You will be able to ask your mentor anything and you will receive personal 1-on-1 coaching.

Make up to 30 trades applying various trading strategies

Your knowledge base is going to grow so will the amount of trades you will have to do. In your second week of trading you are suggested to make up to 6 trades per day.

Concentrate on applying your knowledge

Week 3 will be extremely trading intensive. During this week you will get a hands on trading experience by making a significant amount of trades. This way you will know what is the ideal amount of trades for you.

Understand which strategy suits your personality

Your Trading Tracker will give you a valuable insight on which trading strategy has been the best for you so far. Week 3 will be the perfect time for you to understand what sort of trader you are.

Receive a review of your 3 weeks in Trading Camp

Your personal mentor and our in-house analysts will provide you with valuable suggestions on how to start trading in Live Market conditions. Those who are diligent and accurate in updating their tracker will receive valuable training and will be ready to start trading for real.

Make up to 45 trades using a strategy that suits you most

Last week will be the most trading intensive. Trading everyday will enable you to utilise the knowledge that you have acquired during the course.

Live Trading

After 3 weeks of superior trading preparation you will be fully equipped with theory and practice to enter a Live Trading Battlefield. Your armory will contain a funded live account, tested strategies and a full understanding of the trading tools!

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A CFD összetett eszköz, és a tőkeáttétel miatt a hirtelen veszteség jelentős kockázatával jár. 84% -án a lakossági befektetői számláknak veszteség keletkezik, amikor ennél a szolgáltatónál CFD-kkel kereskednek. Fontolja meg, hogy érti-e a CFD-k működését és hogy megengedheti-e magának a veszteség magas kockázatát.