Kockázati tájékoztató: A Forex és CFD kereskedés magas kockázattal jár, akár a teljes befektetett összeget elveszítheted. Az Admiral Markets UK Ltd. azt tanácsolja, hogy konzultálj egy független pénzügyi szakértővel, aki biztosítja hogy érted a fennálló kockázatot Forex, CFD, margin és tőkeáttételes kereskedés esetén.

A regisztráció sikeres volt!

Először is, köszönjük!

Now, let`s examine what has just happened and what are your next steps.

  • We have created a "Trader`s Room" account for you. Trader`s Room is a "boring" but important place where you can manage your trading accounts of all types, validate your personal information, and manage your deposits & withdrawals.
  • We have also created a demo trading account for you with a virtual balance of 10,000 EUR. Now, this is much more exciting!

To start trading on your demo account, follow those steps:

Download & Install MT4

1 Download & Install MT4

It all starts with the software. The links below will help you install our trading terminal.

Check your email

2 Check your email

We have sent you an email containing your trading account credentials and a link to a download.

Login to MetaTrader 4

3 Login to MetaTrader 4

Run the trading platform and login by entering the details you received via this email. Select AdmiralMarkets-Demo2 as your trading server.

Place your first order!

4 Place your first order!

Once you logged into your account and see the chart, click "New Order" (or hit F9 on keyboard) to make your first trade by going long (Buy) or short (Sell) on a currency pair.


Your first order is placed. After this, some things you should consider doing are: